Deputy Director of Adult Social Care
Assistant Director of Strategic Commissioning, Wellbeing and Quality Assurance
Consultant in Public Health

Current roles

Deputy Director of Adult Social Care • Up to £110k

This is a key leadership role within our Adult Care Service, and an opportunity to play your part in shaping a high performing and sustainable service. You’ll be a highly visible and influential individual within the Council, and will deputise for the Director of Adult Care & Health Services as required. So it’s a chance to develop your leadership experience, build on your convincing track record in social work practice, and bring your personal influence to bear in establishing a high quality operational delivery model.

Change is high on the agenda here. From a corporate perspective that means working hard to deliver the financial savings required to support a sustainable future for the Council. You’ll bring a pragmatic commercial perspective to decision-making, have a strong performance approach and ensure the right governance protocols underpin budget decisions. There’s a strong emphasis on workforce planning – ensuring staff are clear on their roles and expectations in a fast moving environment, and planning for future service needs. We recognise that there are opportunities to modernise some aspects of what we do, and to establish a more accountable and needs-focused approach to service delivery.  In the early days, this means you’ll need to be ready to get close to the detail, and ask the right questions to build your understanding of how things are done. But we’ll also want you to be very future-focused, and to quickly build the team’s capacity to embrace new ways of working, and work closely with the Director to look to longer-term outcomes in service design and delivery.

Your time here will be invaluable in your career development. It’s an opportunity that requires resilience and commitment to Reading – we won’t get where we need to be overnight. But success in this role will identify you as an individual who can make things happen and mark you with Director potential.

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Assistant Director of Strategic Commissioning, Wellbeing and Quality Assurance • Up to £92k

Proactive and preventative, our focus is on helping people to live healthy, independent lives for as long as possible. In this cross-cutting role, you will promote a strategic commissioning-led approach. Working within a multi-agency context, you will improve our use of resources to achieve better choice and control for our residents, coordinating provision across a diverse range of health and care needs, including public health commissioning. You’ll help to shape a pro-active commissioning culture engaging with our health colleagues , ensuring that we actively engage the marketplace – challenging providers, provoking debate and building mutually beneficial supplier / client relationships. Quality assurance will be high on your agenda – you’ll ensure regular reviews and evaluation of contracts support high quality outcomes and compliance requirements.

We are proud to have one of the first integrated care arrangements; under your stewardship it will become increasingly flexible, accountable and successful. You will look holistically at our services, addressing issues and making linkages, as you identify opportunities to streamline and improve our offering. The role demands tough commercial acumen and strategic ability; a proven track record in developing partnerships, nurturing relationships and successful commissioning in a social care and health setting is therefore essential. We expect you to have qualifications in health and social care and /or contracts management, plus quality modelling assurance frameworks and /or leadership. Experience of leading transformational change plans in response to the requirements of national policy is also required.

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Consultant in Public Health • Up to £86k

Not all Public Health Consultant roles are the same. And Reading presents one of the most dynamic and professionally rewarding settings you could hope for.

It’s a place where your expertise can make a real difference to people’s lives, with all the challenge and opportunity of a city setting. Reading has one of the most diverse populations in the South East outside London. Yet at the same time, it is ranked as the 4th most unequal UK city and presents some highly complex issues around homelessness and substance misuse. It’s one of the most dynamic economic centres in the UK. More and more businesses are choosing to invest in Reading, creating more opportunities for our community and attracting new residents to the town. We have a vibrant student population, with 19,000 students from over 150 countries enrolled in Reading University. And with the launch of our new Children’s Company we are transforming how we deliver services to our young people.

All of this shapes an invigorating and challenging environment in which to deliver our Public Health agenda. It demands both breadth and depth of professional expertise, and the ability to make connections between the operational and the strategic. Effective partnership working will be key - working across Council departments and ensuring we work effectively with West Berkshire CCG and the Health & Wellbeing Board. And you’ll also have a role to play across the county, working with the Strategic Director of Public Health for Berkshire.

You’ll need to be adaptable and creative, and wholly outcome focused. With ongoing financial pressures on all our service areas, it’s essential that we see a return on investment across all our endeavours. But you can be assured that your work is central to our ambitions for Reading, and this is an opportunity to be part of a highly focused and committed team, who are making a real difference to our community.

Getting it right in Reading will identify you as a talent to watch.

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